Online instant communication service between groups of professionals using mobiles or Smartphones

Talk-IP Cloud PTT is an online instant communication service between groups of professionals using mobiles or Smartphones. This service emulates “Walkie-Talkie” style of communication with no delays / limitations over group sizes or coverage. Using the service is very simple, one can speak directly to the rest of the group members by the touch of a button. This kind of communication helps to maximize productivity and coordination of teams.

  1. Supported on mobile phones and Smartphones
  2. Rapid call establishment and minimal delays
    • Individuals
    • Groups of up to 200 participants
  3. Real-time presence
  4. Location and tracking via GPS, WIFI, Cell-Id
  5. Advanced PMR functionalities
    • Instant groups
    • Group Scans
    • Call prioritisation
    • Alerts
  6. Secure communication
  7. Centralized management of user’s configurations
  8. Control center with location and recording functionality
  9. Remote installation procedure via SMS
Rugged & ATEX Certified Smartphones with dedicated PTT available:

Our headsets partner:
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Professional Smartphone PTT accessories available

Technical specifications:
    • Available on Android, Symbian, Windows Mobile and PC Windows.
    • Solution based on cloud servers, allowing high availability and scalability of the service.
    • Based on IP communication using the data connections of the mobile terminals (over 2G, 3G, LTE or WIFI).




Our technology partner:
Talk-IP International AG: 
  • Talk-IP Services GmbH founded in 2005
  • 2008 Deutsche Telekom AG transferred the PTT customers to Talk-IP
  • Founding of the Talk-IP Brasil Ltda. in Salvador Bahia in early 2009
  • 2009 worldwide partnership with IVU in public transportation sector
  • 2011 founding Talk-IP International AG with PSI AG
  • 2012 cooperation with Trim Technologies/ O2 Telefonica for the Czech market.
  • 2013 partnership with Team Cooperation Services & Applications/MTN for the South African and Australian market
  • 2014 strategical partnership with Helios Global Technologies and BlackBerry for the North American market.